Dear Idaho Chiropractor,

Good day!! This is your official IACP invitation to “Join the Pack!” This initiative has been designed to unite IDAHO DCs!

We recognize all the turmoil/misinformation surrounding recent events on the state level and as such see the GREAT opportunity for us to come together as a ‘pack’ to support and encourage one other. We exist not to just survive but to thrive as CHIROPRACTORS!

This is your 'Welcome Packet' with all you need to kick off and continue your support in this initiative. Provide below you can review the point system/ reward system and a road map to keep track of it all. Please be in CONSTANT contact with your local IACP representative.  (You can also view the state district map to get more information about your district and your representative there). Your rep will be your direct contact for the program. We look forward to coming together at the 2017 IACP Convention, and conventions beyond, to recognize those docs who are committed to run as a united pack.

Read through the program here. 

Prosperity through unity!!

With strength, 

Your IACP Board

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