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Classified ads

Idaho Chiropractors, do you have something to sell, share, or advertise with your fellow practitioners? List it as an IACP classified ad. These ads will be listed below and included in the IACP newsletter for 60 days. Submit your ad here


Equipment for Sale 

Subluxation Station - $1,500 - Purchased in 2017 - Includes Computer and Keyboard The Subluxation Station is a neurospinal screening and evaluation system that uses surface electromyography (SEMG) technology originally designed to measure changes in the spinal muscles of astronauts. This spinal care technology is now used at Inspired Chiropractic, along with other technologies to assess the spinal muscle of our clients. It is the only such system in the world certified as a ‘Space Technology’.

Neuropatholator Wall Chart and Computer Software from Visual Odyssey - $500 - Purchased in 2017

·        Helps bring instant patient comprehension when a button is pushed

·        Helps the patient get the “big idea” between spine and organ correlation

·        Helps save you time while not sacrificing the quality of the patient visit

·        Designed to help you create a custom per patient slideshow for each visit

·        Features a webcam spinal screening tool

·        Graphics to use for workplace education, lectures, and ROF’s

Small Neuropatholator - $300 - Purchased in 2016

For more information please contact Dr. Paul Edwards: edwardsdc@aol.com

Posted 7/8/2024

Equipment for Sale

HCIM Digital X-Ray Machine - $19,500

Model: HF-300

Serial No: HCG-1206

Manufactured: Apr 2002


X-Ray X-Ray 1 X-Ray 2 X-Ray 3 X-Ray 4

Hologic FluroScan C-Arm - $15,000

Model: Insight 2

Type: C-Arm Assembly

Manufactured: November 2011

Location: Advanced Neuropathy Center, 2016 S Eagle Rd, Meridian, ID 83642

Contact Info: Jessi - 208.949.5410 (Call or Text)

Posted 6/21/2024

Boise, Idaho: Amazing Opportunity to Become an Associate Chiropractor

Become an associate chiropractor at a fast-paced and well-established Boise chiropractic office. This is a minimum 3-year commitment. Our practice has been seeing patients for 20 years in the Boise area. We are looking to add another full-time doctor to our team ASAP.

Benefits include retirement 401K program with corporate matching, group health insurance, dental, vision, paid vacation time, malpractice insurance, reimbursement for up to 18 CE's/year and reimbursement for your membership to the IACP.

We have 2 locations and are planning on opening others in the future. If ownership of your own office interests you, you could run your own office location in 2-3 years, with the contractual potential to own the office in the future (no-risk start-up!).

Applicants should be high-energy and thrive in a busy clinic setting. Must work well with a team environment. We have minimal marketing requirements for our doctors. Applicants MUST be willing to learn and adopt the same adjusting technique methods as the other doctors in the office. We manage our patients as a TEAM...No one has "their own" patients. This allows doctors to take time off easier and makes scheduling for patients more convenient.

Interested applicants should reply to shelly@modernchiropracticcenter.com with a Letter of Interest, resume/Curriculum Vitae and any other relevant information.

Posted 5/22/2024

For Sale: BridgeTower Chiropractic

Located in the heart of Meridian—Ten Mile and McMillan

Established Practice—open since 2006

Open 4 days a week

Low Overhead


Sale Includes:

Zerona Laser ($59,000 retail)

ProAdjuster ($13,000 retail)

Stem Machine (1,000 retail)


Selling Price


Financing available

    Posted 05/20/2024



    Activator Protocol Examination with Treatment with the Impulse Instrument.

    Located at 1348 E. 17 th ST., The Main Street of Idaho Falls.


    Assistance with the move/transfer of the practice will be provided.

    I need someone to care and love my patients as I have. I work a & hour 7 hour day M-W-F. I see 40-55 office visits weekly, with a patient base well over 3500 patients.

    Contact Dr. Burke at 208-589-5077.

    Posted 5/15/2024


    (208) 424-8344


    P.O. Box 8611
    Boise, ID 83707

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